Along with the Heinz History Center and the Beaver County Library System, Air Heritage Aviation Museum is going to bring history alive on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at their hangar located at 35 Piper St. in Chippewa Township. Guest speaker and Heinz History Center Senior Curator Leslie Przybylek will be presenting a fascinating seminar that explores Pittsburgh and its environs’ connection to WWII, specifically aviation.

Have you ever noticed the huge 400,000 sq. ft. Eaton plant situated on 75 acres on Tuscarawas Road in Vanport Township? It was originally built as the Curtiss-Wright Propeller Plant in 1941. In the following three years, employees of Curtiss-Wright would produce more than 100,000 propellers in support of the war effort. Would you believe it was the largest individual aircraft propeller manufacturing plant in the United States? During the onset of WWII, Curtiss-Wright was the largest airplane manufacturer with factories throughout the country, but it was specifically charged with and required to place its focus on the development and mass production of propellers and reciprocating engines for airplanes.

Come to the “History Alive” seminar sponsored by Air Heritage Aviation Museum to explore some of Western Pennsylvania’s wartime contributions to military aviation and learn how the region’s people participated in achieving victory in the skies. Countless companies and people across the region worked around the clock on critical components and innovative technologies such as bullet resistant windows and “aircraft armor” that greatly assisted the aviation industry.

The seminar is open to the public and free of charge. The museum will have WWII artifacts, memorabilia, and its magnificent Douglas C-47 “Luck of the Irish” Skytrain on display and open for tours. Light refreshments will be served during the seminar as will all the fascinating aviation history at this hidden gem that sits in your own backyard.

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