Trick-or-Treat in Chippewa is Thursday, October 31st from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.! 

Whether your family is planning on visiting your neighbors for goodies or you don’t have much planned, there are many ways to help keep the community safe on this fun day!


Safety begins at costume selection! Choose costumes that are brighter in color and easy to see. Make sure costumes fit correctly in order to prevent stumbling and tripping. Costume accessories should be short and flexible to prevent injuries and accidents. Decorate costumes with reflective tape or stickers and carry a flashlight or glow sticks to help increase visibility. Masks can obscure vision, so try face paint or makeup instead (but be sure to test it on a small patch of skin first in case of allergens). Plan a trick-or-treat route in advance in an area you are familiar with. Children should go with an adult and if a teenager wants to go with their friends, agree upon a designated area and set a curfew time. Use crosswalks to cross the streets and look both ways – twice! Walk on sidewalks when possible and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk facing traffic as far to the left of the street as possible. Visit homes that are well-lit and be careful of any lit pumpkins or candles. Stay on the steps of homes and only enter a home if you are with a trusted adult. Remind children to say “please” and “thank you” when they are given goodies. Eat treats that are factory-wrapped and be careful of how many you eat at a time!


Trick-or-treating would be hard to do if it wasn’t for friendly neighbors handing out goodies! Although most trick-or-treaters are hoping for candy, there are fun alternatives such as glow sticks (which also help with visibility), stickers, or play dough! Parents may discourage their children from enjoying homemade treats such as popcorn balls or cookies. Candy is a tried-and-true treat, and if you choose to pass it out, check that it’s been well sealed. You can also help maintain a safe trick-or-treating environment by checking that walkways and sidewalks are free from obstructions. If you have lit jack-o’-lanterns or candles, place them far away from walkways and on sturdy bases to prevent tipping. Turn your porch lights on to indicate that you are passing out goodies and turn it off at the end of the night to let the community know you’re finished.


You may not be participating in trick-or-treat, but you can help keep an eye out for those who are! Drive slowly and be alert when you’re in residential neighborhoods.  Be aware of your surroundings when you are entering intersections, driveways, or alleys. Reduce distractions in your vehicle so you remain focused on the road. Remember, with all the excitement, children may move in unpredictable ways!


When talking about trick-or-treat safety, remember your pet! Keep your pet inside. Only put a costume on your pet if they enjoy it. Be sure the costume fits comfortably and no pieces interfere with your pet’s movements, sight, breathing, or can be chewed off. If you are passing out candy, have your pet stay in a room that’s separate from the front door to keep them calm and ensure they don’t dart outside (make sure  their identification tags are up to date in case they do make a getaway). Keep lit candles, pumpkins, corn, glow sticks, and candy out of pets’ reach.

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