Eric S. Hermick, Chief of Police

The Chippewa Township Police Department continues to focus on providing Proactive Progressive Professional Policing. We do more than police our community, we partner with our community. We are blessed to share such a strong and caring relationship with our residents and businesses. The honor and privilege of serving such wonderful and caring people has been a vital motivator for our personnel during these unprecedented and stressful times. The support and generosity of the community has been amazing and reflects the character of Chippewa Township.

More License Plate Reader and overlook cameras have been added to enhance more coverage of the roadways and intersections within Chippewa Township. These cameras have been vital in solving more criminal and traffic related incidents. They have proven resourceful in solving robberies, assaults, thefts, hit & run crashes and various miscellaneous incidents.

We continue to keep our police personnel highly trained beyond the minimum requirements to augment our capabilities and readiness to serve and protect our community. We are in the initial stages of acquiring body cameras for all officers to better document incidents and evidence. The department will continue to participate in Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education, Buckle Up Pennsylvania and Child Passenger Safety programs with the goal of reducing injuries and fatal related traffic incidents. These programs combined with our department’s efforts have made the highways and roadways safer.

Below are stats for January 1 through August 31 2020:

Incidents: 3,726

Criminal Arrests: 191

DUI Arrests: 50

Traffic Citations: 719

Written Warnings: 4,586

Reportable Crashes: 32

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