One of the greatest challenges with at-home learning for Blackhawk’s youngest learners is being able to feel connected to their classmates and teachers. Patterson Kindergarten teacher, Jenn Sharek, had a solution for that problem – Bitmoji Classrooms. A Bitmoji class room is a virtual classroom designed to look like a teacher’s traditional classroom. Students can enter this virtual space to access digital resources that they can use. Mrs. Sharek shared, “My Bitmoji adventure started with a suggestion from a parent and student during the spring shut down. The suggestion was based on the book series “Flat Stanley”. Over the summer, flat Mrs. Sharek went on so many adventures! Now that school is starting again, she has her very own virtual classroom, designed to look just like the real thing, that can help students feel connected to school whether learning in person, virtually, or in a hybrid model.”

Mrs. Sharek’s enthusiasm for Bitmoji classrooms was contagious and her colleagues joined her in making these engaging digital spaces. These spaces do not take the place of Live teaching. The teachers will be providing Live instruction during virtual learning days. However, they do create a welcoming platform for students to work from when not working directly with a teacher.

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