Refresh Your Dwelling with All the Key Styles

With the change of the seasons and the new year, various home decor aesthetics will be coming and going. Out with the old and in with the new! Your home is your sanctuary, so make sure it fits your tastes and the latest fashions by incorporating the latest trends.

Warm & Earthy Tones

Going for warm, earthy tones in your home’s design is a big trend this year. This natural color palette will exude feelings of comfort and relaxation, which is reflective of our increased time at home.

Calm hues like rust, sage greens, golden yellows, and soft neutrals offer a strong design base. From there, incorporate bolder colors into your design to offer a sense of hopefulness and cheerfulness. This combination is comforting, welcoming, and just what we need.

Try incorporating these tones into your home by transforming a room with a fresh coat of paint in one of these colors. Then build interest and focus with accent pieces that offer pops of cheerfulness throughout. Choose colorful cushions, rugs, and chairs, picture frames, lampshades, or even bookshelf displays. These pops of color can be easily rotated or changed throughout the year as the seasons progress.

Natural Wood Materials & Finishes

A great way to bring earthy tones into the home is by incorporating wood finishes throughout. Wood brings natural warmth to a color scheme and ages well in design.

This look and tone pairs well with a variety of design styles, so bringing in wood elements can be achieved in many types of home designs. Jump headfirst into this trend by installing stained wood cabinetry, selecting hardwoods for your new floor, or bringing new life to your current wood floors by refinishing them. You could also approach it more subtly by blending soft wood accents into your decor.

Greenery Indoors

Bringing the garden inside is a popular way to add color and natural tones into the home. Whether you place a few plants on a shelf or develop a whole collection of interior plants, this trend can bring life and freshness to your home’s style.

Growing plants indoors can also be a great chance to have indoor herbs ideal for cooking right at your fingertips. With different sizes available, these plants are a perfect decor piece for a kitchen or sunny window. Growing herbs at home can be a great opportunity for younger children to learn about caring for plants – getting to see the plants from seed to harvest, and enjoying the taste of what they grew!

Rattan on the Rise

Wicker and rattan have always been popular outdoors, but they’re making their way inside of homes everywhere.

Rattan is a flexible and sustainable natural material made from palm stems that when weaved is durable, flexible, and gorgeous in home decor. These beautiful pieces add texture, warmth, and a natural feel to a room. Rattan can be featured in furniture, light fixtures, wall decor, and more.

Sustainable Fabrics

With many homes pushing toward more sustainable ways of living, bringing recycled textiles in the home is a focus for many people. Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and low-impact linen are pushing out synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester.

The demand for recycled fabrics is particularly growing when it comes to bedding. Comfort, style, and sustainability are all key. Investing in these additions to your home will not only make a lasting impact, but featuring sustainable materials and natural fabrics in your home will look great.

Multifunctional Spaces & Creative Storage

Spring cleaning of closet. Vertical tidying up storage. Neatly folded bed sheets in the metal black baskets for wardrobe. Nordic style.

Many homes reworked the way they use certain rooms in the last year. Kitchens became classrooms and bedrooms became home offices. Having adjusted to this new lifestyle, rooms may no longer be dedicated to just one purpose, and this approach is expected to remain in many homes.

Finding new ways to better meet your family’s lifestyle through strategic organization is a big theme. Get creative with your storage to make use of every square inch of your home.

Reevaluate the way you store things in areas like your living room, bedroom, toy rooms, and beyond. Bringing in low level storage units can keep things tidier and more efficient. These units can be solutions such as extra cabinetry, sideboards, and ottoman style furniture. Maybe you take on a big DIY project and build custom shelving units, or simply buy a storage bin to organize games and toys – changing the way things are stored can make a big difference.

Home Gyms

We saw home gyms take a big rise in popularity last year, and this is not expected to slow down. Many people transformed their garages or basements to seemingly temporary work out spaces but have now gotten accustomed to the home gym, and it’s here to stay.

Days of an exercise bike and a few weights in an unfinished basement are coming to an end. The best part of a home gym: it can be whatever you want. A full set of weights and white walls or a yoga studio galore in every shade of the rainbow, the options are unlimited when it comes to choosing materials, colors, and equipment. Creating a gym space with personality may be that extra push to get into a daily workout routine.

A home gym doesn’t have to be its own area of the home. Maybe it’s simply a few dumbbells and resistance bands that live in a basket in the corner of the family room. Make it whatever you want, and have fun doing so!

Whether you choose to go for a big home decor makeover or just add a few details, incorporating new styles and functional choices can make all the difference.

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