Submitted by Diane Babnew Manning, Resident

Teaching Communication at McKinley Schoolhouse began each day with the ringing of the bell. The children knew that the toll of the bell meant it was time to get in line, enter the school, and get to work. Communication development for young children included gaining the skills to understand and express their thoughts, feelings, and information.

McGuffey Readers played an important part in early childhood education at McKinley School. Reading was a great activity to improve a child’s communication skills. Reading together, articulating, and sharing ideas gave the children confidence.

Presentations, class discussions, and oral exams all helped to teach verbal communication skills, helping them to perform better on school exams and written assignments.

Another way that helped students process information and learn how to communicate was through music, which was an important part of daily lessons at McKinley School. Exposure to music is said to increase learning and create a positive classroom atmosphere. By helping the body and mind work together, students are able to learn the sounds and meanings of words.

Having good communication skills helped McKinley students build a more successful future, whether it was in moving forward with their high school education in Beaver Falls, returning home to help with the family farm, or being able to go out and make their way in the world.n

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