From time to time, we all wish it were easier to manage our finances. We all wish bills would send themselves, spending track itself, and money invest itself – but sadly, they don’t. That’s where an app comes in handy. While technology can’t replace the work of human financiers – yourself included – it can handle many financial hassles, given the right software.

And the very best software can turn your smart device into a powerful, finance management tool; your secret weapon for saving time and money. Here are five apps that can transform how you manage your finances.

You Need a Budget

$11.99 monthly or $84 annually after a 34-day free trial – iOS, Android
Need help setting up and managing your budget? You can do just that on the You Need A Budget (YNAB) app. The app also offers several other helpful financial tools. These include transaction tracking, bank account
syncing for on-device data, regular reports on your financial health, and live budgeting workshops. Seeing how much YNAB has to offer, it’s no surprise that the average new user saves $600 in the first two months and $6,000 in the first year.


$1 monthly or free for college students – iOS, Android
Acorns is designed to make investing as easy as spending. Literally. All you have to do is sync one or more payment card(s) to an Acorns account, and the rest happens automatically. Acorns will round every charge on the synced card(s) up to the nearest dollar and send the surplus change to a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds. You can monitor these micro-investments on your Acorns account, or through the Personal Capital app, which we will delve into next.

Personal Capital

Free – iOS, Android
With Personal Capital, you can organize every one of your investments on just one platform; a platform that can offer you detailed analysis and feedback on your portfolio. Plus, the app can sync with your bank account, IRA, 401k and more for an easy – albeit ‘read-only’ – view of all your fiscal affairs. Personal Capital also includes an interactive retirement planner.


Free – iOS, Android
Mint may be the most well-known of the top five financial apps, and for good reason. It offers users a similar view as does Personal Capital, and then some. Mint can also show you your credit score, along with a score analysis and some pertinent advice. Features beyond that include a budget planner (also accompanied by analysis and advice) and a bill due date reminder.


Free – iOS, Android
Prism takes billing a step further than Mint. Not only can the app remind you of upcoming charges – it can fully take care of this monthly chore. So long as you provide Prism with a method of payment, this app will settle bills on your behalf. Moreover, Prism can sync with and display data on your bank account. That feature, along with the app’s ability to graph your expenses – from bill payments to purchases – can help you gain a better perspective on your finances. It’s starting to look like our wish may come true. With help from these five apps, finance management can be easier after all. Of course, you don’t need an app to make fiscal tasks a breeze. Often times, the satisfaction of a job well done, (and done yourself), is enough to make sending bills, tracking spending, and investing money feel effortless.

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