With the winter weather upon us, and more in store for the next few months, let’s not focus on the mostly dreary days ahead.  This is a great time to get comfy, get cozy, and take in all the winter season brings.  Let’s focus on the fun that can be had in the winter months.  Whether that’s sled riding or skiing, or crafting and reading, recreation can provide some much needed winter time happiness.  Our Parks & Recreation Department have a couple great events in store for you like our Christmas in Chippewa event on December 2nd.  We are also hosting our Retired Citizens Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 19th.  We have two Mystery Dinners planned for the end of January and the end of February.  And we are working on lining up some kid’s craft corners for the winter months as well.  

In addition to the fun activities we have in store, we encourage you to complete your very own ‘winter fun’ checklist with your family and friends.  Try something new or get outside and sled ride like you’re a kid again.  Play board games all night or make a campsite in your living room.  The opportunities to have fun this winter are endless as long as you are willing to embrace the season.  Winter is coming whether you like it or not, so it might just be easier to like it and enjoy it!

Lauren Doyle
Director of Parks
& Recreation


724-843-8177 ext. 159

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