Submitted by LINDA RAWDING, Tax Collector

The 2024 Blackhawk School District Tax Bills will be mailed at the beginning of July.  Checks for payment of school taxes should be made payable to Blackhawk S.D. Tax Collector. 

There is an installment plan printed on the school bills that is based on the face amount. If you want to use that plan, you must make the first installment by August 31, 2023, to qualify. If you miss the deadline for the second installment, you will owe the balance due for the penalty amount and that will be due in one payment. If you choose to use the installment plan, please send the part of the bill that says “Return this portion with payment” with the first payment. I use this part to keep a record of your 3 payments. 

Township taxes for 2024 are now due at the face amount until June 30, 2024. Starting July 1st, the penalty amount will be due. Checks for township taxes should be made payable to Chippewa Twp. Tax Collector.  Payment for township and school taxes can’t be combined on one check.

If you have any questions, please stop in or call the office at 724-846-4824. 

Have a safe and fun-filled summer! 

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