Submitted by Eric S. Hermick, Chief of Police


The mission of the Chippewa Police Department is to protect and serve our community and those traveling or visiting our area. Part of protecting and serving involves crime prevention and reduction of crashes and injuries and/or deaths related to crashes through proactive policing. I could not be prouder of the work being done by the members of the Chippewa Police Force. They provide outstanding and professional service and are responsible for an improved sense of security in the area. The members of the police force have demonstrated their abilities and willingness to make compromises and sacrifices needed to remove dangerous and impaired motorists from the roadways before they crash or cause a tragedy. They put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis to protect others. The diligent and relentless efforts put into investigations have yielded one of the highest clearance rates, solving approximately 97% of criminal investigations. The proactive efforts of the officers were effective to the degree of causing a reduction in overall motor vehicle crashes and injuries by more the 16%. The combination of a terrific community + great group of police officers + a knowledgeable and supportive Township Administration = success. We are so very grateful for you all – it is our honor and privilege to work with and for the best of the best.  We have a good thing!!!

As the community grows, so does the demand on the police department. We are excited to add another officer to our family here. Officer Jonah Kron was hired to fill the vacancy of retired officer Mark E. Sommer. Officer Kron is dedicated to public service, he was honorably discharged from the United States Army prior to serving in the Reserves, and he currently serves as a Chippewa Volunteer Fire Fighter. In addition to his solid character, he brings a strong work ethic and sincere desire to serve. 

In addition to continual training for our force, we are implementing new reporting software, and the police department area is being renovated – we apologize for any inconvenience this may have created for anyone. ν

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