Submitted by Eric S. Hermick, Chief of Police

Camp Kon-O-Kwee

Several officers from Chippewa Police provided escorts and traffic control to ensure the participants were safe while traversing the course. The event was held to raise money for expenses related to the trip to Camp Kon-O-Kwee. 

Halloween Hustle 5K Run/Walk

Chippewa Police also participated in the Halloween Hustle 5K Run / Walk on October 21, 2023. This event was a fundraiser for the Blackhawk Basketball Society. Officer secured multiple locations to protect the participants and the motorists. The event concluded without any issues.

Wanted: Chippewa Police Department History and Photos

Members of the Chippewa Police Department are attempting to put together a complete history of the police department. We are looking for any photos and/or information you may have or be willing to share. We are tracing the department back to the original charter and the department’s inception date. Below is a picture of the police department back in the 1980s. The location of the police department changed since then along with the officers, uniforms and technology. A future article will show the comparisons, but we are looking for anything you can offer.
Feel free to call and/or email:

Please contact us with any concerns, questions or suggestions – we are honored to work for you – your safety and quality of life are our priority. The support and care we receive from the community is amazing.    

Wishes for a Blessed and Happy Holiday season to all.   

Eric S. Hermick
Chief of Police

Scam Alert Reminder:

This is a good time for a Scam Alert Reminder.  

Scam and Fraud cases continue to increase throughout the country. If you receive ANY phone calls, emails, mailings or in-person contact that you are not absolutely certain to be legitimate, please contact the police – DO NOT engage in dialogue with potential scammers over the phone or internet – DO NOT give out your Social Security Number, Personal Information, Account Information, Credit Card / Debit Card Information.  

If someone is asking you to obtain and/or pay them using gift cards, DO NOT do so. Gift Cards are very difficult to trace and this is an easy way for a criminal to get away with your money.  

Common Scams:

  • Advance Fee Scams – requesting you pay a fee so that a funds can be released to you.
  • Tech Support Scams – there are multiple versions of these scams – your computer may indicate you have a virus, and it advises you to contact Tech Support – the scammer talks you through a process to give them information and remote access to your computer – where your files, accounts, etc. can be accessed…
  • Phishing – scammers send legitimate or official looking emails trying to get you to open them and provide personal information. 
  • Emergency Scams – you may receive a call that a family member is in crisis or legal trouble, and they need immediate funding for medical treatment or to get out of jail.  
  • IRS or Government Imposter Scams – phone call indicating you are in trouble and you need
    to make a payment or you will be arrested.
  • Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks – you may receive a check that appears legitimate, and you are requested to cash it and then send only a portion of the money back.  These checks appear legitimate and often pass the initial bank review, but are later found to be fraudulent and you are out the money you sent plus your account information is exposed.
  • Bogus Debt – you are being told you have an outstanding debt and need to pay immediately.  

When in doubt – check it out! 

For a complete list of the scams and the DOs and Don’ts – go to:

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