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That’s the only way to describe our department in one word!

All throughout the late winter and spring we have been concentrating on sharpening the skills of our active members, as well as, training and getting to know the newer members of our team.

In February we sponsored a basic ropes and rigging class where members of several departments learned the proper way to tie and utilize fire service knots and how to rig basic haul and rope rescue systems.

In March, four of our members traveled to the Pine Run fire department, part of the newly formed New Sewickley Fire District, to train in vehicle rescue.

The class consisted of three parts. The classroom portion is called Awareness and the hands on portion is referred to as Operations. A certificate of completion is issued to each student for participation in the 32 hours of instruction. The third part is a written test issued by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy. Upon passing the test, each student is certified as a Rescue Technician.

These trainings help to solidify our role as one of the busier rescue companies in the county.

In addition, we have several firefighters that have continued to better themselves by training for and achieving certifications in Pump Operations, Aerial Apparatus Operations, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Hazardous Materials, Fire Fighter One and Fire Fighter Two, just to name a few!

The department has also acquired an old house that we have been using for various types of training.

On the first weekend of May we held a Structure Burn class giving the students a “real feel” training with live fire.

Acquired structures are hard to come by and the training is invaluable!

On the medical side of things, several of our medical providers attended the annual Pennsylvania medical conference at Seven Springs. As a result of the medical updates and training our members received, our department decided to purchase a new piece of life saving equipment. A Lucas Device. In a world of short staffed EMS agencies and Fire departments, the Lucas Device, when deployed properly, can do continuous chest compressions on a victim experiencing cardiac arrest, freeing up a rescuer to perform other needed medical aid.

While the cost of the device was over $25,000, we feel that if it saves even one life, it was a good investment.

There are only a few fire departments in the county that have one of these!

And if all of that wasn’t enough, as of this writing (April 30th), we have already responded to over 280 Fire and EMS calls!

Of course, all of our hard work is not just calls and training.

Our annual golf outing at Blackhawk Golf Course was held on the first weekend in May. 

We will be at Wright Fields on July 13th for the Chippewa Community Day and then our annual carnival will commence on July 15th and run through Saturday the 20th.

Then on July 27th, we will return to Wright Field for our second annual Sportsman’s Night Out, a joint fundraising venture with the Beaver Falls Fire Department.

You can keep up with all of our activities by following us on Facebook! We have over 5800 followers!

Also on Facebook, we have started up our tip board fundraisers again! So far we have raffled off several hundred dollars of lottery scratch off tickets and a Mother’s Day spa and wine package.

As the popularity grows, so will the prizes so stay tuned.

It’s important that we recognize that none of what we do could be accomplished without your continued support.

Our number one goal is to provide our residents, the best fire and EMS response possible. Our trainings, our social activities and fundraisers are all important tools that allow us to do just that!

It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

We’re not too proud to accept donations of water and Gatorade to keep our crews hydrated and we’ve never known a firehouse to turn down a pizza or some baked goods… just sayin’ !

Just remember, as an all volunteer department, we are not always at the station. Tuesday nights are your best bet. Other than that, we suggest you call or message us before stopping by.

So, as you go along with all of your summer activities, please be safe. Be mindful of dry conditions when having recreational fires and don’t let the warm sunshine distract you while you’re driving.

You will probably see us out and about throughout the summer. If not at one of our community events, then maybe training in your neighborhood.

Please take a moment to say hello and even shake a hand. Your volunteers appreciate the recognition. 

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