Thank you very much to the community for your feedback on the “Remember When?” articles that appeared in the Fall and Winter 2020 issues of Chippewa Life. Some residents called and shared more memories they had of places!

Remember when…

  • In 1982, there were four grocery stores.
  • There was a used bookstore on Darlington Rd. right before the bridge that crosses over 376.
  • In the plaza where Edward Jones is located used to be a Cleaner’s, People’s Bank and Colonial Florist.
  • Pizza Shop on Darlington Rd. across from Janet St.
  • Worldwide Auto on Darlington Rd. • Golmont Trailer Sales on Darlington Rd.
  • Two truck stops named Cut Off Inn and Blue Ridge. • You could buy penny candy at Bob’s Superette on Darlington Rd.
  • Martsolf’s Barbecue at the corner of Darlington Rd. and McKinley Rd. • Yokel’s Sunoco was where the Auto Zone is today.
  • Rt. 51 was only a two-lane road. • Whitey’s Garage used to be across from where Valley Gastroenterology Associates is located.
  • There used to be a Tennis Court where the compost site currently sits. • The Fire Department had their Recreation Hall at Darlington Rd. and Braden School Rd.
  • Mellon Bank was a trailer on the site where Citizens Bank is right now. • The little house on Rt 51 (where the four lane goes into two lane) that had so many decorations in the yard including windmills, statues, and ornaments. People used to stop their cars just to take a look. The house was torn down when they put the expressway in.
  • Beighley’s Greenhouse on Samuel St. and Francis Ave.
  • You could purchase custom made cabinets at Chippewa Manufacturing, which was owned by Mr. Policaro and sat across from Inkstar.
  • Mary Isaac’s store in the Al’s Pizza Building.
  • Brewer’s Market where Farm to Fork is now.

“John” remembers:

  • Brooks Hardware on Darlington Rd. before P.M. Moore was there
  • Jerry’s Curb Service was at the corner of Rt. 51 and McKinley Rd
  • Where Mayflower Florist is now was Hank’s Mobile Gas Station and he had a cage of monkeys in there!
  • Atlantic Gas Station was where the Hot Dog Shoppe is

“Ann” remembers:

  • On Darlington Rd. before the bridge that goes over 376 was an “Egg Machine.” You actually put your money in and fresh eggs came out. The eggs were supplied from Cunningham’s Farm. But, unfortunately a good thing came to an end when kids start “egging” cars
  • A list of stores in the Chippewa indoor mall: Fashion Bug, J.S. Robb Shoe Store, Pizza Boy, Chinese Restaurant, National Record Mart, Essanelle Salon, First Federal Bank (Rocky Bleier was the spokesperson and was there signing autographs)

If you can think of some places we missed or what used to be, let us know! Call: 724-843-8177 ext. 104

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