Here are some of our favorite apps to help manage your tasks and help your family stay on track this school season!

Free – iOS, Android

Do you need help organizing your class assignments? Check out this great app! MyHomework allows users to track homework, projects, tests, class times, and more. Tasks can be organized by each specific class or calendar date. You can also set reminders, so you’ll never miss a due date!

Free – iOS, Android

Use Quizlet to prep for your tests this year! Quizlet makes it easy to study with millions of flashcard sets, and it lets you make your own and organize them into folders and subjects. You can take tests to ensure your knowledge, play matching games to help you study, and other great features as well, all based on your flashcard sets.

$7.99/month – iOS, Android

Fall schedules often bring a flurry of activity. Take a few minutes a day for yourself to reduce your stress through meditation. Headspace makes meditation simple and will teach you how to become more mindful with each session. It offers hundreds of guided meditations on everything from stress to sleep. Start with its free 10-day beginner’s course so you can try it before committing to the subscription.

Free – iOS, Android, Windows

Whether you love to cook already or you’re looking to learn more, BigOven is the place to go! You can follow your friends or favorite cooks to find over 350,000 recipes. This app lets you take pictures of your own recipes and it will digitally record them, so no more searching for your grandmother’s recipe! Additionally, you can type in leftover ingredients and BigOven will tell you what to make from them, so your food won’t go to waste. Easily shop for ingredients as well by creating a shared grocery list for your household, right on your phone! This app will come in handy for the holiday season approaching!

Free – iOS, Android

Leafsnap is perfect for the person who loves collecting fallen autumn leaves! This app allows you to snap a photo of a leaf and learn what type of tree it came from, information about that species of tree, and see images of the associated flower, bark, and fruit as well! Perfect for teaching children about nature, and for anyone looking to learn more about the trees of the fall!

Free – iOS, Android

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train yet, now is the time! This popular social media platform contains over 100 billion new ideas for everything from what to eat, what to wear, to how to improve your fitness routine. This app is a great download with the fall season approaching as it contains thousands of autumn home decor ideas, Halloween or Football party ideas, easy crockpot recipes, back to school outfits, and much more!

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