Taking a summer vacation to some exotic place may sometimes be out of reach. That type of commitment may take more time, planning, or resources than available right now. If that sounds familiar to you, you may need what some are referring to as a stay-cation. There are plenty of ways to make memories and have the time of your life while staying local during your time off! Having a stay-cation may also prevent you from feeling that you “need a vacation after your vacation” to unwind and get back to your normal routine. Skip the planning, skip the travel, and have a great time resting and relaxing from the comfort of your home!


Some may look at a stay-cation as an opportunity to complete the items on their to-do list that never seem to get done. You may find, though, a more restful way to spend your time is to unplug from your daily duties. Do the laundry ahead of time, buy the groceries you’ll need for the week, declutter your home, set your “out of office” email, and set the expectation that you may be hard to reach during your time off. Taking these steps will help you enjoy every minute of your stay-cation.


Experience the outdoors from your backyard!
Set up camp to sleep under the stars. Kids love this kind of adventure as it offers the chance to sleep outside while having the security of home a few steps away. Have a night of classic camping activities like a bonfire, making s’mores, telling scary stories, and catching fireflies.

If you want a full outdoor experience, visit a state or national park close to you. Racoon Creek State Park in Hookstown, PA encompasses 7,572 acres and offers camping, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, picnicking, swimming, boating, and fishing activities. Cuyahoga Valley National Park south of Cleveland, OH is less than an hour and a half away and offers 32,572 acres of fun.

Feel the thrill of a roller coaster with the summer breeze in your hair! Kennywood Park is a local favorite with rides for all ages. This year they will introduce a new themed-land called “Steelers Country” complete with a record-breaking roller coaster – The Steel Curtain. Idlewild & SoakZone are also close by in Ligonier, PA. The National Amusement Park Historical Association named
this park “Best Park for Families.” It offers lots of rides whether you are looking to stay dry or play in the water.

Scavenger hunts need very little in resources – pulling off one successfully just requires a little bit of advanced planning! Make a list of people, places, or things for your family and friends to find. The list can be as easy or difficult as you want – it can contain particular items or clues to those items. Divide into teams and whoever completes the hunt first can win a fun prize, like a token for ice cream!

If you have a list of tv shows, movies, or books you’d like to catch up on, a stay-cation is the perfect time to do that. There are countless apps to help you ingest your favorite entertainment. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will help you catch up on your favorite shows and movies, while Libby can take care of your book needs. The Beaver Area Memorial Library may also have what you’re looking for!

During your typical daily routine, you may wish you had more opportunities to dine out or cook from scratch. Use your stay-cation to fulfill your wish! Experience the new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or eat at your favorite spot. You could also test your chef skills and make a new recipe you’ve been saving but haven’t had the time to make.

You live, play, and work in Beaver every day, but there may be new ways to experience your favorite things about the Borough! Visit one of your hot spots at a time that’s out of the ordinary. Savor a meal you don’t get to eat out often because of your daily routine. Visit our many local museums or browse the shops on Third Street. If you really want to shake up your routine, stay at a local hotel or bed and breakfast for the night.

Try something silly and have themed nights! You and your family can dress up as book characters, emojis, 80s band members, pirates, or whatever else your imagination can concoct. Make the dinner décor and menu match the theme to keep the party going! Share pictures of your themed nights with us at stories@beaverlifemag.com and we may feature them in a future magazine issue!

With these ideas, you can experience the stay-cation of a lifetime! After all, there is truly no place like home.

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