Submitted by David M. Przybysz, Assistant Chief / President and Jaye R. Graham, Chief

Another summer season has faded away. The kiddos are back in school and the sights, smells and sounds of fall have filled the air!

The making of s’mores around a campfire, the sounds of the marching band at a football game, Moms and Grandmas making homemade soups and pies, all can be found in and around Chippewa!

The Fire Department had a pretty good summer. We’ve had some members move on to other things, such as jobs out-of-state and joining the Army to serve our country, but we’ve also had some new recruits join our ranks! Some bringing with them years of experience, while others are eager to learn.

Meanwhile, our current members keep enhancing their skills through continuing education and training. Some of our members participated in a flashover training where they entered a simulator and could experience a flashover situation in a controlled environment. Others have attended classes at the State Fire Academy or satellite training centers, and several have intentions of obtaining their Firefighter One or Firefighter Two State Certifications this fall.

Our summer carnival was a success despite experiencing some of the hottest weather of the year and unfortunately some of the rainiest on our biggest days. We can’t thank you enough for supporting our events. After all the speculation and rumors, we are proud to announce that the Chippewa Fireman’s Carnival will continue in 2020 and beyond. There were many factors that were considered before deciding to continue sponsoring the carnival but in the end, we just couldn’t let such a great community event end at this time. You may see some changes moving forward but, as they say… the show must go on!

Now that we are into the fall weather, please make yourself familiar with the Townships burning ordinance. Burning of leaves and other yard waste is prohibited. Most of our fall grass and brush fires start when even the most careful of people are caught off guard by changing wind speed and direction. Now is also a good time to have your furnace checked and filters cleaned or changed. Most importantly, now with school back in session, our youth and young adults are involved with numerous activities. Please be extra vigilant anywhere you see a flurry of activity!

The Fire Department will be out and about helping with safety during trick or treat night and you’ll also see us standing by at the Blackhawk Cougar home football games. Please stop by and say hello to your local firefighters!

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