Eric S. Hermick, Chief of Police

We would like to thank the community for all the support, understanding and kindness expressed to us during this period of uncertainty. It was the community who helped keep us going while enduring additional stressors related to unprecedented times. The restrictions impacted everyone and forced policies and protocols to change. The community and businesses recognized that the police could not work from home and we still had to come to work and perform duties, therefore, they routinely sent food and snacks to the station to keep the officers fueled and uplifted. Words cannot express the level of appreciation the police department has for the acts of generosity and support. At a time when law enforcement is under public attack and heavy scrutiny, it was made too clear to our department that our community appreciates us and supports our efforts to keep Chippewa Township a safe and well respected community. There is a mutual relationship here, the police and the community are for, not against each other.

We were earmarked to get $5,000 grant from Walmart, but due to the burden put on businesses to aid with COVID-19 issue, Walmart had to decrease our grant to $2,000 so they could help others out.

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