Summertime in Chippewa! The sun is bright and warm, the grass is green and lush, and people are everywhere!

Residents and those from other communities are in the parks, watching their kids and pets play, they are working in their yards, washing their cars, having picnics and barbecues!

At the fire department, we are enjoying the nice weather as well. The sunshine, warm weather and extended daylight allows us to train longer and more diversely.

We are also very active by participating in parades, community events such as the Chippewa Community Days, and our Fireman’s Carnival which will run from July 15th through the 20th! It’s a fun time of year to be a volunteer firefighter!

Although no one can predict what, where, or when our next call will be, summertime does bring its own unique type of emergency responses.

Storms can bring a multitude of hazards including downed trees and power lines, lightning strikes and flooding.

Campfires and yard work often lead to brushfires. Distracted drivers and driving under the influence can all lead to accidents and medical emergencies.

The Fire Department is here to serve in any of those emergencies and more!

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer firefighter? It’s a unique job and one that needs your help if it is to continue!

We won’t lie. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of dedication. The Fire Department provides a service. One that is called upon at any given moment, day or night, on any day of the year! Did you know that 73% of all fire departments in the United States are volunteer? Only four departments in Beaver County have paid personnel and their staffing is minimal ranging from one to three firefighters on a shift. You might ask, why then should I volunteer when I can become a career firefighter?

Volunteer Fire Departments save tax payers and municipalities approximately 47 billion dollars each year, nationwide. Fire departments continue to struggle with recruitment and retention, but the services they provide continue to grow. The need for firefighters and first responders will never go away and without volunteers, municipal and county governments will be forced to take measures
to provide their residents with the services needed for their safety and peace of mind. Those services certainly come at a cost. Consider how crucial it is to have a fire department. It is the only emergency service that is completely volunteer.

Imagine that a call goes out and no one answers.

Now imagine that your road crew is all volunteer and they decide it’s too cold to plow snow
or too hot to fix a road or they don’t have time because they are all at their paying jobs.

Imagine the ambulance that isn’t coming when your family member has a heart attack or the police officer that isn’t responding when there’s a burglar in your house.

The volunteer fire service is one of pride, tradition and necessity. Its existence dates back to our forefathers when Benjamin Franklin formed the first volunteer fire brigade!

It is also a service that is dying.

One day the volunteer fire service will cease to operate but until that time, it is our duty to try to keep the tradition and the service alive.

We need your help. We provide everything you need, and no experience is needed. We just need your time and willingness to volunteer. Firefighting isn’t
for everyone. Sometimes people have the heart and soul but not the ability but, you won’t know unless you try!

If you’d like more information, stop in on just about any Tuesday night at the firehouse located at 2568 Darlington Rd., between Advance Auto Parts and the Marathon gas station. Someone will always take the time to talk with you about being a volunteer firefighter. You can also get an application on our website: www.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing you out and about

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