The call volume for the Chippewa Police Department is on the rise, increasing by approximately 19% compared to the first quarter of 2018. This increase is the result of the growing community and greater traffic volume. The department is dedicated to addressing these higher demands through improved training, equipment and stronger proactive policing efforts. One goal of the department is to improve the quality of the community and reduce highway dangers. The department has implemented new policies to ensure proactive patrols in areas of concern or high call volume areas. Additionally, the department is reducing injury-related crashes, fatal crashes and road rage incidents by utilizing grant funding to reimburse the township for officers to conduct aggressive driving enforcement.

The police department has received funding from the township and the Blackhawk School District to purchase training equipment and necessary tools to improve readiness should an active threat and/or active shooter situation occur. For example, the township and the school district collectively purchased simunition weapons, gear and breaching kits to assist with entries.

To further assist the community and businesses with readiness for a significant occurrence, the department is working with bus companies, churches and large infrastructures within the township. Preparation is important to saving lives and preventing chaos, therefore, the police department continues to train and conduct drills with these schools, churches, businesses, etc.

The township is in the process of securing a vendor to install a new license plate reader camera system at various intersections within the township. This will improve safety, capture and document incidents and create a deterrent against criminal activity.

The department is actively seeking technology grants and is researching body cameras and in-car cameras.

Chippewa Police Department is deploying its newly designed police cruiser (pictured right) June 2019 into the field. Not only has our new 2019 Ford Police Interceptor SUV undergone a facelift, it has been equipped with several more safety features than previous ones. An exterior roof mount high intensity LED Valor v-shaped light bar, front push bumper with LED lighting, and headlamp assembly LED lighting were added to enhance overall visibility and identification. These features are critical to provide advance warning to motorists at intersections and prior to approaching scenes. To augment visibility from the side, more LED lighting has been mounted on the side mirrors and doors.

The revamped appearance of the SUV involves an overall graphics design and upgrade. All lettering and decals are made of a highly reflective material and have been applied to both sides and rear of the SUV. The police department’s new arrowhead style patch is incorporated into the new graphics design along the proud display of a waving United States flag decal on both upper sides of the SUV,

The interior equipment of the SUV was designed to maximize room for the occupants while affording better functionality of onboard computer and radio equipment.


  • 2,215 Incidents
  • 67 Criminal Arrests (Burglary, Theft, Drug Offenses, Assaults, Criminal Mischief)
  • 11 DUI Arrests (Driving Under Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs)
  • 279 Traffic Citations
  • 445 Written Warnings Issued
  • 149 School Security Checks
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